About SeekingGood

Good is a communion between ourselves and “right” action. We can seldom know for sure what this “right” action might be in any given circumstance. Events can often spiral out of control or morph (naturally or through intervention) into monsters worse than the dragon we initially sought to slay. Thus, we must learn, seek truth as we can find it, decide on a course, then act based on superior choices, the best we can muster at a given time.  This site is largely devoted to learning, sharing, thinking together and encouraging one another to reach for the Good we seek for ourselves and to share that same Good with others.

Some have asked who am “I”, the blog custodian.  This blog is maintained by c. alexander parms, a musician as a child and young man, a behavioral research scientist for more than a decade, software producer, a monk-philosopher by inclination, over-educated and a practicing graphic artist to pay the bills. I am no one except me.  That makes all the difference to me. It need not to you.  I believe all kinds of things without the need to convince you of any of it.  The only thing I would love you to do is Something.  What you believe is not my concern.   Your relative inertia is.

Currently I am attempting to help redefine and manifest the notion “We, the People!”  Such conceptualization might not be important to you.  It is to me.  But a lot of other things are important to you.  In these dangerous socio-political times, we will need to band together around an idea like We, the People or we will have no hope of stemming the tide of what myself and others seem to see on the horizon—situations that could rob you of those things you deem important.  By definition, I cannot do this alone.  Thus the blog, my small part, with others, doing Something.  We seek a clear understanding of Good in order to begin to take personal responsibility for Good in our everyday lives—individually and collectively.