Free Speech

Objectivity, Neutrality and Truth

Trust in “news” as well as other sources of “truth” is a developing topic here at seekingGood.  When does conviction stand in the way of objectivity, or does it? Can it be that not taking a stand endangers objectivity, rendering us complicit in a lie?  When does a habit of normalizing acquiescence result in notions of “truth” we might abhor under other circumstances?  Sound complicated?  It is. (If nuance is your cup of tea, here is a story for you).

Lewis Wallace, a former journalist for Marketplace, attempted to draw attention to these issues—and was fired.  The first video presents a brief overview of Mr. Wallace’s situation.

lewis-wallace(Photo: Facebook)

This second video presents a more in-depth description, as well as Mr. Wallace reading the blog post that created the stir.


We should all ponder the pitfalls of neutrality as we attempt to find Good in this new Public Space of contemporary life.  Want more on these issues of media reliability?  Explore these stories.

Jen Hofmann’s Weekly Action List

February 6th, 2017


A featured issue on Jen Hoffman’s Weekly Action List is opposition to the Department of Education nominee Betsy deVos (Need to act immediately – Monday, Feb 6th in order to influence one more Republican vote to block the nominee).

Take a look at the list for actions you might want to take.  The page presents many diverse issue with assistance for making your voice heard. (Phone contact information and written scripts for your use are included).

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for a collection of resources you might find helpful (including good news about situations We, the People have manage to influence).

Stuff to do This Week – Jan 29th

jennifer-hofmann-image-1If you would like something specific to do this week, take a look at Jen Hofmann’s Action list for the week–January 29th-Feb 4th.  The are specific things you can do, email and phone call scripts (in case you do not know what to say) and some news.  You might also want to subscribe to her weekly list directly.

(Note: Since a lot of people are accessing this document, it might not load right away.  Or it might seem like a broken link.  If so, just try it again.)

A National Conversation


Public radio station WNYC is broadcasting a series of live, call-in programs called “Indivisible”.  The series is scheduled for four days a week, at 9pm EST, Monday thru Thursday during the first 100 days of the new presidential administration.  Anyone can call in to discuss the topic of the night at one of 130 radio stations across the country.  You can listen live or hear past shows.  If nothing else, these shows can help us all break out of our respective ideological cocoons and hear other viewpoints.  The shows are thought provoking to say the least.  Tip: Focus on a caller who does not share your views and imagine that the voice is coming from an real person, with feelings, hopes and disappointments—just like you and me.

Promoting Free Speech


We, the People remain powerful when we are well informed.  To stay informed, we need strong, independent news outlets.  One of those outlets is Democracy Now!.  If you are not familiar with it, Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.  Many folks might not know about DN!.  Some might not have access to it.  If you would like to help expand the reach of this valuable news source, consider one or more of the suggestions below taken from a larger list on their website.

You also might want to subscribe to the Democracy Now! Daily Digest (an email summary of the headlines and stories for the day).

  • Bring DN!to YOUR Community — Often, stations add Democracy Now! to their schedules in response to requests from the community. Ask YOUR STATIONS today! Locate a Campaign. Click on YOUR state and scroll down to the bottom of the stations listing, to see if there is already a campaign in your area. If not, START ONE!
  • Spread the Word— Just because DN! already airs in a community, it doesn’t mean people know about it. There are a number of ways for individuals and groups to spread the word.
  • Volunteer— Democracy Now! relies heavily on the support of its volunteers. You may volunteer at our studio/office in New York City or from your own home. Volunteers also help at Amy Goodman’s speaking events.
  • Attend DN!Events — Check our Calendar of Events to find out when Amy Goodman will be in your community, and then tell all your friends. Also consider volunteering at one of these events if it is in your area.
  • Weekly Column— Amy Goodman has a nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column. Write the editor of your local paper today and tell them you want to see it included.


10 Investigative Reporting Outlets to Follow


A major theme of seekingGood remains the contention that we must be well informed in order to act in such a way as to arrive at the Good we seek. These days, the truth appears to be more fluid than ever, requiring both diligence and patient to find it. Here is a list of sources recommended by venerable journalist Bill Moyers that you might find useful.