Promoting Free Speech


We, the People remain powerful when we are well informed.  To stay informed, we need strong, independent news outlets.  One of those outlets is Democracy Now!.  If you are not familiar with it, Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.  Many folks might not know about DN!.  Some might not have access to it.  If you would like to help expand the reach of this valuable news source, consider one or more of the suggestions below taken from a larger list on their website.

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  • Bring DN!to YOUR Community — Often, stations add Democracy Now! to their schedules in response to requests from the community. Ask YOUR STATIONS today! Locate a Campaign. Click on YOUR state and scroll down to the bottom of the stations listing, to see if there is already a campaign in your area. If not, START ONE!
  • Spread the Word— Just because DN! already airs in a community, it doesn’t mean people know about it. There are a number of ways for individuals and groups to spread the word.
  • Volunteer— Democracy Now! relies heavily on the support of its volunteers. You may volunteer at our studio/office in New York City or from your own home. Volunteers also help at Amy Goodman’s speaking events.
  • Attend DN!Events — Check our Calendar of Events to find out when Amy Goodman will be in your community, and then tell all your friends. Also consider volunteering at one of these events if it is in your area.
  • Weekly Column— Amy Goodman has a nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column. Write the editor of your local paper today and tell them you want to see it included.