We Have the Power

“We have power.  We have the power to become ungovernable.  We have the power to stop the system.  We have the power to undermine the legitimacy of the system.” So says Kevin Zeese, lawyer, political-activist and co-organizer of the Occupy Movement in an interview posted on truthdig! on March 7, 2017.  Chris Hedges interviews Mr. Zeese, who reflects on multiple topics, offering opinions about the current status of resistance to the current presidential administration, the media and the strengths of alternative conduits of information as well as other political issues. With controversial statements such as “Trump is building on Obama and the Democrats created the environment where Trump could flourish”, Mr. Zeese also talks about the need for a third party and the difficulties of circumventing the two-party system.

Kevin Zeese

Whatever change you seek “It always begins locally…its all about building power–to build power, to take office and to create a movement that cannot be ignored.”  ~ Kevin Zeese

Kevin Zeese is currently the co-director of Its Our Economy, which is dedicated to changing the dynamic of the current economy designed for the wealthiest to an economy built on principles of equity, cooperation, and sustainability.”  He also hosts the Clearing the Fog radio show.

The original Occupy Movement has evolved into Popular Resistance, a resource and information clearinghouse for the growing culture of nonviolent direct action, resistance and civil disobedience.