Go West, Tea Man!


Ruby Sue and Edna Lu

Traveling the land, this free tea house cultivates community,
health, peace, sustainability, and genuine human interactions.

Follow Edna Lu the Free Tea Bus and her operator,
Giusepi, as they adventure through America.

We introduced our young friend Giusepi Spadafora, the Tea Man, to this community back in January with a follow-up query about possible summer projects for Giusepi and Edna.  As noted in his newsletter below (full text included), he is looking for a place to settle for a bit, perhaps for the winter, to write–somewhere in the southwest. Since some of you live in that area, you might have some ideas.  If so, and especially if you are not familiar with the Tea Man’s lifestyle and more than a decade of Good work, take a look at his newsletter and the links within it.  Giusepi expresses an exemplary lifestyle characterized by small group community coupled with personal responsibility worthy of the idea “We, the People!”  We should support him in any way we can.


The Newsletter

Hello Community!

Teac bus in context 1 - modified

Since the last time I wrote, Ally, Edna Lu (the Tea Bus) and I spent a great deal of time in Arkansas, traveling across Oklahoma and Kansas, and finally landed in Colorado for a bit. There’s been lots of free tea and getting to know new people and places, but importantly, we’ve also been seeing old friends and feeling a little more in our element back in the west. Read more about our adventures in the Autumn Update blog entry.

 One of the main reasons I write to you is because Edna Lu and I are looking for a place in the SW to have a writing retreat to help me finish writing the Tea Bus Factory Service Manual. For those of you who don’t know, The Tea Bus Factory Service Manual is a guide for small-scale, mobile, off-grid, low-cost, DIY, earth-friendly, and reclaimed living systems, using Edna Lu as an example. 

 Will you check out my blog entry on finding the perfect winter writing retreat, and see if you have some suggestions for me? 

Hope to sip tea with you down the road!
Giusepi (and Edna Lu)

World of the Tea Man