Do Some GOOD Today

Two Items from Jen Hofmann’s
Americans of Conscience Action List


resist_1.pngIt has been more than a year since the current person occupying the White House along with a curiously right leaning Congress began implementing changes which have altered and at times threatened the lives and wellbeing of common people.  Even those who support the person whom some call “45” have begun to realize the People are not his primary interest.

Last year, many began flying a banner with the essential sentiment “Resist!”.  When a perceived wrong is being committed by anyone—an individual, a collection of individuals or a government—resistance represents the bare minimum activity for people of conscience.  But resistance is not enough.  We who truly do seek the wellbeing of the People should be focused primarily on proactive behavior that seeks to enhance or at least maintain the rights and privileges Americans have come to expect.


In this light, for well over a year, Jen Hofmann has been faithfully posting both opportunities for various types of action and thanks to those who have acted on behalf of others.  Although we have posted several links to Jen’s Action List in the past, we have not yet passed on anything from her list this year.  Today, we correct that.  Take a look at a couple entries from Jen’s list.  Better yet, go over to her page and choose something to do this week.

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Action: Advocate for the digital integrity of our voting systems.

Call: Your 2 senators and 1 House rep (look up).

Script: Hi. I’m from [ZIP], calling to express my concern about the digital vulnerability of [state’s] voting systems. Russia is committing acts of aggression against our country’s elections. We can’t ignore this problem and hope for the best. [Staters] need [name] to co-sponsor H.R. 5011 (House)/ S. 2261 (Senate) to protect our vote in the coming primaries and midterms. Thanks.

Action: Ensure you’ll have a ballot for 2018 primaries and midterms.

Take 5 steps to verify your right to vote (this takes 60 seconds).

  1. Check that you haven’t been removed from your state’s voter rolls (check here). Extra important if you’re in NV!
  2. Ensure that you meet your state’s voter ID requirements (check here). If you need help with getting ID or transport, go here or here.
  3. Put your state’s primary dates in your calendar (check here).
  4. Make sure your polling place hasn’t been moved (check here).

Important: Share these steps on social media so your friends can vote too.