Perspective II


Last week, we presented the notion that our point of view—regardless of the context—is a choice or choices we have made. Furthermore, we are always free to choose, free to exercise choice, whether we believe in the existence of such freedom or not. Finally, if our current perspective suggests a specific way of viewing the world, a different choice could present a completely different way of seeing (and being in) the world.

In an essay from February 2018 called “Finding Our Bearings”, L.M. Sacasas suggests that we have a better chance of knowing where we are, a better chance to get our bearings, if we broaden rather than narrow our perspective.

We came across the work of Mr. Sacasas during the early stages of this blog’s formation. Interacting with him was always a pleasure. In his previous blog, now in the form of a newsletter, Mr. Sacasas presents a collection of thoughtful essays on various topics usually focused on “technology, society, ethics, community, & the well-lived life.” His ideas often expound on the proposals of philosopher Ivan Illich, a name known to many old timers with an interest in radical education and the inadvertent effects of technology on society. (Ivan Illich is perhaps best know for his books Tools for Conviviality and Deschooling Society).

Mr. Sacasas’ essays reflect the ideas of someone who has at least attempted to transcend both the idiosyncratic narcissism and the tribal preoccupations of the current era, presenting more sober, rational theories and interpretations in an apparent attempt to “improcompassving things” rather than win over an opposing group.

Take a look and see what you think.

In his newsletter, in addition to his own essays, Mr. Sacasas provides links to similar ideas and bibliographic references relevant to topics of interest. You might want to subscribe to his Conviviality Society newsletter to keep up-to-date on his current ideas about technology and its use in society as well as other topics.

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